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Many tasks require a specific amount of light and the right combination of natural and artificial light. To provide a holistic approach to indoor aesthetics and comfort, it is necessary to connect with the outside world through the appropriate level of sunlight transmission.

In buildings, a lack of sunlight disrupts your circadian rhythm, making it harder to pay attention and maintain healthy sleep patterns. Inadequate lighting can cause eye strain and headaches.


Visual comfort can be defined as the level of light transmission and glare in a building. These elements should be optimized for well-being and comfort, including the quantity and quality of light inside a building.



How do we act?

Given the fact that the glass envelope of a building (facades, windows, and conservatories) receives a lot of natural light and solar energy, it is important to ensure adequate daylight control to reduce glare. Choosing the right heat and solar control glass depends on various criteria such as the path of the sun throughout the day and the climate zone of the building. To take care of the visual comfort in building design, it is necessary to maximize the contribution level of daylight and access to views while allowing the building’s residents to adjust the lighting to suit their needs.


At Saint-Gobain Glass, we have developed adequate solutions to optimise the quality of light and visual comfort inside buildings.

For facade of large buildings, our COOL-LITE® glass products are energy-efficient, and their solar control property enables daylight inside while reducing glare.

For residential windows, our ECLAZ® range stands out for its exceptional clarity, even in triple glazing, along with its ability to provide highly accurate colour rendering. This ensures a luminous indoor atmosphere and an equally vibrant outlook toward the outside world.

We also have a full range of products for the interior to let natural light be diffused far away from the windows. Our extra-clear glass DIAMANT® is one of our solutions to increase visual comfort, it is available in a large range of thicknesses. Switchable glass PRIVALITE® and our patterned glass MASTERGLASS® and DECORGLASS®, used as partitions or doors, let the light come into the room while providing privacy.




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