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The WELL Building Standard is managed by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) whose main mission is to improve human health and well-being indoors. The WELL™ certification is primarily focused on building occupants rather than buildings. It is a roadmap for assessing the performance of a building regarding its impact on the health and well-being of the occupants.  

The WELL™ certification is organized into 10 concepts covering over 100 features from performance criteria to design strategies to specific protocols or techniques. Each concept requires prerequisites, similar to LEED certification, the number of criteria met determining the level of WELL certification. 



How to win WELL points with Saint-Gobain Glass? 

WELLv2 concept 

Contribution of Saint-Gobain Glass products to WELL features

Possible points


 Air quality 

 Enhanced air quality 

3 points


 Light exposure  

 Visual lighting design  

 Circadian lighting design   

 Daylight design strategies 

 Daylight simulation 

 Occupant's lighting control

 12 points 

 Thermal comfort

 Thermal performance 

 Outdoor thermal comfort

3 points


 Maximum noise levels 

 Sound barriers 

6 points


 VOC restrictions 

 Materials transparency 

 Material optimization 

7 points 


 Innovate WELL 

 Carbon disclosure and reduction

10 points



Our contribution per category


Our broad range of glass supports the health and well-being of buildings occupants by achieving high standards for enhanced air quality indoors. Although glass is not a source of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), our glass solutions are ranked at the highest score A+ according to the French standards on VOCs.  



At Saint-Gobain Glass, we value the importance of daylight exposure for the health and well-being of occupants. We developed our solutions to optimize the light and solar energy transmission whilst reducing glare. Our smart glass solutions: SageGlass will allow you to control the tint of your glazed façades for each glass pane automatically or manually to ensure visual comfort while providing occupants with appropriate daylight exposure.  

You can also conduct daylight simulation calculations on our digital tool CALUMEN® to choose the right glass configuration for your project.   


Thermal comfort

We promote occupants’ productivity, comfort and well-being by improving thermal insulation. We designed special coatings for our glass solutions to reduce heat losses or overheating and optimize the temperature indoors depending on the weather conditions outside.   



Our acoustic glass solutions ensure sound isolation thanks to their many properties, shielding occupants from background external noises.   



Saint-Gobain Glass solutions are produced in accordance with the French Regulation on VOCs and construction products (introduced in April 2011). Our mirrors and lacquered glass are ranked A+ (<1000 µg/m3 in total VOC and <10 µg/m3 in formaldehyde). Our flat glass doesn’t include any hazardous substances, and we communicate with transparency about this in our product descriptions.   



We constantly enhance our technologies through innovation to offer sustainable solutions and to meet today’s needs regarding health and well-being indoors. We launched the first low-carbon glass on the market ORAÉ® to reduce both the embodied and operational carbon of buildings when associated with high-performance COOL-LITE® XTREME coatings.   



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