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Low reflective glass for display cases

Outstanding transparency and energy performance for your display cases.

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VISION-LITE II is made of a clear float glass on which under vacuum conditions, a thin transparent low reflective coating was deposited on one or both sides, by magnetically enhanced sputtering. The final optical properties are reacher after glass thermal tempering.


VISION-LITE II low reflective glass is suitable  for commercial freezers and  for the doors of the refrigerated display cabinets, placed in the food stores, convenience stores, supermarkets etc. 


VISION-LITE II offers many advantages when installed in fridge or freezer doors:

  • Vision through the glass is extremely clear, making it almost invisible:
    • very high transparence
    • very low light reflectance (around 10 times less reflection as  for a conventional glass)
  • Clarity of displayed goods: excellent contrast and color rendering
  • Neutral residual color
  • Can be used as monolithic glass or assembled in double glass unit
  • Safety glass once it has been tempered
  • Available as an option with one low-E coating on the opposite side of the low reflective coating, to provide energy savings and reduced condensation risk, in addition to the extreme transparency
  • Can be screen-printed
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Food compatible


In order to achieve their declared performance, both VISION-LITE II and SEMI VISION-LITE II UN II have to be tempered after cutting and edge working. It is necessary to assemble SEMI VISION-LITE II UN II in IGU, with the low-E coating inside the cavity.

For more details about the processing conditions refer to the processing guidelines for each product or contact the local Technical Support Manager.

Product range & Performance

VISION-LITE II is available in jumbo sheet of size 6000 x 3210 mm on clear float glass PLANICLEAR. Please contact us for other sizes and thicknesses, or for one coated side only.



The performances and quality of VISION-LITE II comply with the requirements
of the EN 1096 standard.

The residual reflectance of VISION-LITE II is very low (around 1%). It is however still visible under certain lighting conditions, viewing angles and in certain surrounding environments. The residual reflectance depends on the angle from which it is viewed. Perpendicular to the glass, it is slightly bluish and can vary slightly
Product range
Product Thickness Coated sides Use
VISION-LITE II 4 - 6 mm Low reflective coating on sides #1 and #2 Single glass or multiple glazed unit
SEMI VISION-LITE II UN II 4 mm Low reflective coating on side #1 Low-E coating on side #2 Multiple glazed unit with low-E coating inside the cavity
Thickness mm LT % LR % Ug-value W/m2.K
VISION-LITE II 4 90 8 5.8



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