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Anti-reflective glass

VISION-LITE low-reflective coated glass has the property to decrease considerably the reflection of visible light on the surface of the glass. VISION-LITE is obtained by magnetical cathodic sputtering under vacuum conditions, by applying transparent coatings of metallic oxide to the glass.

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The high transparency of VISION-LITE' provides perfect vision of objects. The vision of the observer through the glass is not affected by reflections from light or from the surrounding environment; the rendering and contrast of color is always clear.

The anti-reflective effect is achieved by providing an anti-reflective coating on both sides of the single glazed glass. have an anti-reflective coating. For double-glazed units, the anti-reflective coating is used on all four sides.



VISION-LITE low reflective glass is perfect for all applications that require maximum transparency and unimpaired vision through the glass.


  • Show cabinets in museums and protective screens for paintings;
  • Display units and shop fronts;
  • Internal partitions (hospitals, control rooms, TV studios, etc.
  • Signage or advertising panels for railroads, motorways, and airports, etc.



  • Shopfronts and showrooms;
  • Glazed zones in panoramic restaurants;
  • Control towers, control rooms, and observation rooms;
  • Screens to keep apart onlookers in terraced stadiums



VISION-LITE on DIAMANT substrate is available as follows:

  • Semi VISION-LITE: Monolithic, low reflective coating on only one side and annealed glass
  • Semi VISION-LITE II: Monolithic, low reflective coating on only one side and to be tempered glass
  • STADIP VISION-LITE: Laminated low-reflective coating on both sides and annealed glass
  • VISION-LITE II: Monolithic low reflective coating on both sides and to be tempered glass



VISION-LITE is a coated glass that is treated on both sides. It must be handled and installed in accordance with specific instructions.

Important notes:

  • For horizontal interior applications (museum show cabinets, racks, tables, etc), safety measures must be taken to dodge frequent and over the top finger marks and the risk of scratching.
  • The residual reflectance of VISION-LITE with two low reflective coated sides is very low (around 1%). It is however still visible under certain lighting conditions viewing angles and in certain surrounding environments. The residual reflectance depends on the angle from which it is viewed.



Product Light Transmittance LT (%) Light Reflectance LR (%)
DIAMANT 8 mm 91 8
VISION-LITE, 8 mm 98 1