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Anti-corrosion shower glass

TIMELESS is a glass used in shower screens on which a protective coating has been applied providing guaranteed long-lasting transparency.This treatment facilitates the maintenance of glass walls, for example in showers or bathrooms, that are subject to water splashing.


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Transparent and neutral aesthetics

TIMELESS consists of PLANICLEAR, a very clear glass on which a virtually invisible coating is applied. Therefore TIMELESS is very transparent and does not alter the perception of colour, regardless of the thickness of the glass.

An anti-corrosion effect which ensures lasting transparency

Day after day, the glass is shielded from corrosion so that it does not turn whitish and keeps its appealing look.

Low-maintenance glass

Water spills over the surface of the glass, limiting stains and residual limescale. Easier cleaning of any residual marks than on untreated glass.

High-durability treatment

TIMELESS is obtained by magnetron deposition of a metal oxide coating.  This treatment lasts without reducing its efficacy over time and can withstand all kinds of industrial processing.


TIMELESS is designed especially for showers and can be used in:

  • Shower screens
  • Shower cubicles/ shower enclosures
  • Bath screens

The TIMELESS range with anti-corrosion properties ensures that the glass does not whiten over time and that it is also easier to clean than untreated glass, since water slips over the surface limiting deposits of limescale.

Made with a high-endurability treatment, TIMELESS maintains its attractive appearance and is available in different thicknesses.




Saint-Gobain Glass Glass reserves the right to change product performance features without notice or obligation. Other colors are available. Contact your Saint-Gobain sales representative to check the avaibility of each product in your country.
Thickness Light Transmittance LT (%) Light Reflectance LR (%)
4mm 89 10
6mm 89 10
8mm 89 10
10mm 88 10

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