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Top performance energy efficient glass for coolers doors

Low-e glass for top performance energy efficient doors of coolers.


  • Winter Confort
    Winter comfort
  • Daylight confort
    Daylight comfort


PLANITHERM ONE is a high-performance low-E coated glass, to be processed into an insulating glass unit. It is built of clear float glass, in which a thin, clear layer is deposited by magnetron sputtering under vacuum. The coating exhibits the lowest emissivity industrially accessible; it reflects the far-infrared radiation thus cutting most of the heat transfer by radiation


PLANITHERM ONE, low-E coated glass can be used in all insulating glass units, for use in doors of:

  • Beverage coolers
  • Refrigerated display cases
  • Vertical freezers
  • Wine cabinets

It can be used in all kinds of frames.


  • Very significant energy savings for cooling compared to ordinary low-E glass products (up to 20%)
  • Much reduced condensation risk
  • High transparency allowing an amazing view of goods through the glass
  • Very neutral appearance
  • Can be used in triple glazed unit
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to the CO2 emission reduction
  • Safety glass available thanks to the “to be tempered” version PLANITHERM ONE II.


PLANITHERM ONE must always be assembled into a double or triple glazed unit. The coating is generally placed on face 3 (and 5) of the unit, although the coating can be put on face 2 without affecting the U-value. Appearance may vary slightly, therefore it is important to maintain consistent coating positioning throughout a particular façade.

Glassolutions also provides manufacturers tailor-made support to help them produce high performance sealed units from the PLANITHERM range.

Refers to the processing guidances of each product for more details about the processing conditions or contact the local Technical Support Manager.


Performances and quality of PLANITHERM ONE and ONE II comply with the requirements of the standard EN 1096 and are CE marked. 

Saint-Gobain Glass Glass reserves the right to change product performance features without notice or obligation. Contact your Saint-Gobain sales representative to check the avaibility of each product in your country.
Argon gas filled cavity. Average values given according to EN norms
IGU composition mm LT % Ug-value W/m².K
3 / 16 / 3 72 1.0
4 / 16 / 4 71 1.0
3 / 12 / 3 72 1.2
4 / 12 / 4 71 1.2
3 / 12 / 3/ 12 /3 64 0.7



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