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Mirror effect glass

MIRASTAR® range is a coated glass range characterized by high reflection and striking mirror effects. The range is composed of MIRASTAR® (LT 3%), and a new comer MIRASTAR® REFLECT (LT 0.1%), high opacity glazing.

Both products benefit from high humidity and heat resistance, and are temperable for compliance with building safety standards (class A coating)

  • design
  • Privacy


An essential component of interior design and decoration, mirrors illuminate and enlarge spaces to create better atmospheres.
With the MIRASTAR® range, you can achieve amazing mirror effects while ensuring safety for building occupants, using tempered glass. MIRASTAR® range is composed of 2 products:

- MIRASTAR®: The glass with mirror effects shifting with light. 
With Light Transmission of 3%, MIRASTAR® benefits from incredible shifting aspects.
Based on the lighting conditions, it reveals a mirror effect or a clear glass effect that transmits light. This allows the development of unique looks with spy mirror functionality. -

-MIRASTAR® REFLECT: The high-opacity glass with mirror effect
With Light Transmission of 0.1%, MIRASTAR® REFLECT is like a temperable mirror. With its ultra-low transparency, it is ideal for high reflective wall-cladding applications, easy to install and maintain.


Highly versatile, the MIRASTAR® range allows for all kinds of mirroring and see-through functionalities and various applications.

The applications for MIRASTAR® can be declined endlessly.

- Doors, partitions, space dividers
MIRASTAR® is an innovative choice for the partition of interior spaces: playing with lighting, MIRASTAR® switches between reflection and transparency. Its flexibility of processing allows obtaining every safety option required in those applications.

- Shower-screens
Its one-directional mirror design, the resistance of its coating and the likelihood of tempering render MIRASTAR® an ideal and innovative glass that recreates shower screens. It is quickly becoming a must-have to create "mirror" shower displays that enlarge rooms and preserve a high degree of privacy.

- Furniture, cupboard doors
MIRASTAR® can be used as a decorative piece for furniture with the potential to play with light. If a light source is placed inside the cupboard or the piece of furniture, amazing effects can be obtained.

- Facades
MIRASTAR® is suitable for installation in facades for which a high degree of reflection is needed, it can be laminated and assembled in IGU. It is perfect to be installed in the spandrel areas of a façade.


MIRASTAR® REFLECT is the ideal mirror-effect glass for wall-fixed applications. Thanks to its high opacity, it can be installed without prior lacquering and voids the risk of glue spots showing through.

- Kitchen splashbacks, wall covering

MIRASTAR® REFLECT can be easily installed as wall cladding, to create unique looks in any environment.
With its mirror effect, it enables to maintain vision with the rest of the room and contributes to enlarge the space. As tempered glass, it is resistant to high temperatures and can be easily installed as kitchen splashbacks.

- Furniture covering, cupboard door, lift
MIRASTAR® REFLECT can be incorporated into furniture as a standard mirror, and benefits from enhanced safety properties.

- Bathroom & decorative mirrors
Thanks to its high himidity resistance, MIRASTAR® REFLECT is ideal for use in wet environments, and benefits from high corrosion resistance. It is also suitable in the most demanding applications, including transport (rail, coaches, etc.), marine and cruise ship projects.

- Partial partition, shower screen
MIRASTAR® REFLECT ensures high privacy on both sides of the glass thanks to its double-sided mirror effect. In compliance with building safety requirements, it can be used as partial space divider and is ideal for use as showerscreen. This application is restricted to appropriate lighting conditions.

- Opaque spandrels


- Multiple interior applications with striking mirror effects

- Temperable glass for compliance with building safety standards

- High resistance to corrosion for most demanding applications

- Flexibility of processing

- Easy to install, with or without a frame


Thicknesses: 4, 6, 8mm

Dimensions: PLF, DLF

Contact your Saint-Gobain sales representative to check the avaibility of each product in your country.


MIRASTAR® range is designed to withstand all kind of transformations: cut and edged, tempered to obtain safety properties required for some applications, etc. MIRASTAR® can be laminated and assembled in IGU for stunning façade installations.


MIRASTAR® & MIRASTAR® REFLECT can be installed framed or unframed to suit all applications.
For wall-fixed applications in interiors, MIRASTAR® REFLECT is preferred and can be installed using neutral glues & tapes for mirrors.
For more information, please refer to to the processing guidelines or contact us.


Classified A along the European standard EN1096-1, the MIRASTAR® range benefits from high corrosion resistance and optimal durability

Light characteristics along EN 410 MIRASTAR® MIRASTAR® REFLECT
Light transmission 3% 0.1%
Light reflection - glass side 55% 55%
Light reflection - coated side 59% 52%



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