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Mirror effect glass

MIRASTAR is a coated glass which primary characteristic is its high reflection. It is obtained by magnetron deposition of a coating of metal oxides on a transparent float glass PLANICLEAR.

  • Design


An essential component of interior design and decoration, the mirror illuminates and enlarges spaces to create better atmospheres.

MIRASTAR offers an amazing mirror effect, the aspects of which differ based on the lighting conditions.

Based on the conditions, it reveals a mirror effect or a clear glass effect that transmits light. This allows the development of unique appearances.


Shower-screens, shower cubicles

Its one-directional mirror design, the resistance of its coating and the likelihood of tempering render MIRASTAR an ideal and innovative device that recreates shower screens. It's quickly becoming a must-have to create "mirror" shower displays that enlarge rooms and preserve a high degree of privacy. 

Doors, partitions, space dividers

MIRASTAR is an innovative alternative for the partition of interior spaces: play with illumination, MIRASTAR switches between reflection and transparency. Its flexibility of processing allows obtaining every safety option required in those applications.

Furniture, cupboard doors

The high reflection of MIRASTAR enables it to be used as a standard mirror with, on top of that, the potential to play with light. If a light source is placed inside the cupboard or the piece of furniture, amazing effects can be obtained.

Decoration mirror

MIRASTAR is perfect for lighting and enlarging rooms, enameled or sandblasted, and can be a design item by itself. It can perfectly be installed in rooms with a high level of humidity thanks to its high resistance.


When it is used as a splashback, a key feature in the decoration and design of kitchens, MIRASTAR allows maintaining the visual interaction with the whole room to offer an enhanced sense of space. Installed in large sizes, it is simple to clean and maintain (special consideration has to be given to splashbacks close to hot places, such as hobs, as they need to be tempered.


Comparable to pyrolytic coatings, its high resistance, makes MIRASTAR a suitable product for installation in facades for which a high degree of reflection is needed. It is perfect to be installed in the spandrel areas of a façade.


  • Mirror effect

Thanks to its high level of reflection, MIRASTAR acts as an authentic mirror: a wonderful ally to provide a sense of space.Its dual use is a perfect space-saving trick.

  • A unique appearance

Based on the lighting conditions, MIRASTAR works as a mirror or clear glass. It offers the possibility to create one-dimensional panel that preserves privacy and enables seeing without being seen.

  • Flexibility of processing

The variety of processing options of MIRASTAR such as tempering, lamination and toughening enables it to be used in applications where safety and security are required.

  • Durability and high humidity resistance

Thanks to its excellent durability, MIRASTAR can be installed in each interior room including bathrooms and is also suitable for exterior glazing in facades. It withstands corrosion and reactions from cleaning products.



Thicknesses: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10

Dimensions: PLF, DLF, split sizes

Contact your Saint-Gobain sales representative to check the avaibility of each product in your country.


MIRASTAR is designed to withstand all kind of transformations. It can be:

  • Cut and edged;

  • Tempered, toughened or laminated to obtain safety properties required for some applications;

  • Screen-printed to customize decoration.



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