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The game-changer shatterproof mirror

MIRALITE® EASYSAFE is a plastic-free shatterproof mirror, that demonstrates premium anti-shatter performances with a more sustainable production process.

  • Safety
  • Environment friendly
    Environment friendly
  • design


The new addition to Saint-Gobain Glass range, MIRALITE® EASYSAFE is a real game-changer shatterproof mirror that retains 98% of glass splinters in case of breakage. This provides peace of mind for building occupants, and improves the safety of workers who process and install this anti-shatter mirror. 

This anti-shatter mirror is much easier to process compared to standard safety-backed filmed mirrors. In addition, it guarantees a stunning finish with no risk of frayed edges.  

The more sustainable shatterproof mirror MIRALITE® EASYSAFE fully fulfils Saint-Gobain Glass core values. Manufactured without plastic, it generates less waste and is fully recyclable. Its water-based and lead-free components ensure better indoor air quality through very low VOC emissions.



Highly versatile, MIRALITE® EASYSAFE can be used in a large range of interior spaces, especially where safety is a key priority:  

- Home applications: decorative mirrors, cupboard doors, wardrobe doors, sliding doors, bathrooms and children’s rooms 

- Professional settings: offices, hotels, restaurants, shops  

- High-traffic areas: sports halls, leisure centres 

MIRALITE® EASYSAFE shatterproof mirror can be customised as decorative pieces, framed or unframed, or used to line a wall and cover furniture.  



4 mm & 6mm (more to come in 2024) 

Dimensions (in mm):  

- 2 250 x 3 210 and 2 550 x 3 210 

- 4 500 x 3 210 and 5 100 x 3 210 

- 6 000 x 3 210


- Premium shatterproof mirror: 98% of glass shards retained in case of a mishap, passes the test  EN 12 600 

- Superior quality, exceeding EU standards for mirrors 

- Great visual finish: No frayed edges thanks to the innovative mirror safety backing 

- Easier to process: No application of plastic safety film required, easy cutting and edging 

- Easier to install: No primer required and compatible with several glues and tapes 

- More sustainable and contributes to improved indoor air quality   

MIRALITE® EASYSAFE combines the purity and high sustainability credentials of MIRALITE® PURE with enhanced safety. 


MIRALITE® EASYSAFE is suitable for cutting into any shape, and can be edged and drilled like any standard mirror with some simple adjustments. Please refer to the Processing guidelines below. 

Tempering, lamination processes and sandblasting with traditional equipment are not possible.


MIRALITE® EASYSAFE must be installed in indoor locations and follow the standards and regulations in force.   

In all cases, MIRALITE® EASYSAFE must always have the anti-shatter face orientated towards a smooth support wall or panel.  



- Mirror Glues and double-sided tapes recommended by Saint-Gobain Glass 

- Mounting brackets 

- Frame installation 


Regardless of how the MIRALITE® EASYSAFE shatterproof mirror is attached, ensure the following: 

- Provide a 1-2 mm space between the mirrors depending on the final use 

- Account for fixing the mirror according to appropriate rules when used in damp or humid rooms 

- Avoid exposing the product to temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius, which might lead to glass breakage or slight degradation over time. 


List of recommended glues & tapes

Silicone glues
Dow CorningMirror glue Dow sil 817
Otto-ChemieOtto-Chemie Ottocol S16
KawoKawo SK86
DL ChemicalsDL Chemicals Paracol Miroseal MS
Lakma Lakma Do Luster 
Double-sided adhesive tapes
3M3M 4032
3M3M 4026
3M3M 4910F VHB
Bohle Bohle Xtracryl
LohmannLohmann DuploCOLL 918
TESATESA Powerbond



It is recommended to clean MIRALITE® EASYSAFE as soon as it is installed. Harsh cleaning products must not be used (acid solutions, highly alkaline or very abrasive materials). Ensure there is no cleaning product residue left around the edges of the mirror.  


MIRALITE® EASYSAFE exceeds the requirements of the European Standards for mirrors, compulsory for the CE marking according to EN 1036-1. Its performance level is constantly monitored. 


Standard Reference Description Notified body Result Reference
EN 1036 Mirror quality standard Silvered mirror quality standard, compulsory for CE marking INISMA, Belgium PASS 4 mm
EN 12600 Safety test Resistance to impact (Pendulum test) TUV, Netherlands PASS 3B3 4 mm
Anti-shatter test In case of breakage, retention of >98% of glass shatters TUV, Netherlands PASS 4 mm
EN 14072 Glass in furniture Test method for vertical glass FCBA PASS
EN 13501-1 Reaction to fire Classification using data from reaction to fire tests WFRGENT, Belgium PASS A2 4 mm
EN ISO 16000 VOC emissions Total formaldehydes after 28 days Eurofins PASS A+ (France) Formaldehydes: <10µg/m3 4 mm