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Vintage mirror

Miroir ANTIQUE and miroir VERSAILLES are designed to give any interior design in which a stylish period effect is created a subtle retro look.

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Miroir ANTIQUE and miroir VERSAILLES are interior decorative products. They are designed to give the appearance of an aged mirror but produced according to the latest standards of quality, production and environment.


They are incredibly versatile and can be applied in a variety of retro mirror applications to and offer unlimited design possibilities in combination with other materials, such as wood, metal and marble.

Miroir ANTIQUE and miroir VERSAILLES can be chosen by designers for:

  • large wall cladding in interiors
  • public areas such as lobbies, staircases, elevators and other high traffic, stylish shopping areas
  • In small ornamental details and inserts such as bars, restaurants, hotels, theaters and retail spaces


Authentic decorative look

Miroir ANTIQUE and miroir VERSAILLES ' aged appearance offers the imperfections which are so attractive in multiple upmarket interiors. If required, the appearance of antique mirrors can be achieved over large areas with the consistency of manufactured quality and excellent environmental credentials providing confidence to designers throughout a project.


Highly resistant and easy to maintain

Miroir ANTIQUE and miroir VERSAILLES are manufactured using advanced techniques and are able to withstand regular domestic cleaning products. Harsh products should not be used (acid solution, highly alkaline or very abrasive liquids). Ensure there is no residue left around the edges from the cleaning products.


Miroir ANTIQUE and miroir VERSAILLES exist with a protective plastic film applied to the mirror's back side for use in areas where impacts can happen.The film prevents shattering of the glass into large shards, providing extra safety in the event of impact or accidental damage, with no adverse effect on the appearance of the mirror.


In accordance with appropriate regulations and professional standards, miroir ANTIQUE and miroir VERSAILLES are for internal use only. The product can be installed using techniques applicable for standard mirrors.


  • Channel glazing in a frame. Make sure the frame is clean and dry. Position the mirror on blocks with a thickness of at least 3 mm to raise the mirror and avoid any contact with condensation water that might collect in the framework.
  • Fixing pads. Provide proper fixations. Using plastic spacers and washers to prevent contact between the glass and metal. Put the mirror on without excessive pressure.
  • Adhesive fixing. Secure miroir ANTIQUE or miroir VERSAILLES using only mirror adhesive or neutral silicone based on alcohol or oxime *, along with double-sided adhesive pads. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding adhesive.

* Where there is any doubt as to whether the products used are neutral, a paint test is essential.


Still more unique effects by advanced processing.
Miroir ANTIQUE and miroir VERSAILLES can be processed using the latest techniques such as: cutting; edgeworking; drilling; etching; screen printing; and acid etching. Miroir ANTIQUE and miroir VERSAILLES can be processed as miroir REVOLUTION.


Miroir ANTIQUE and miroir VERSAILLES are available in four unique designs to create custom environments : 

  • Miroir ANTIQUE Clear
  • Miroir ANTIQUE Grey
  • Miroir ANTIQUE Bronze
  • Miroir VERSAILLES Clear
Contact your Saint-Gobain sales representative to check the avaibility of each product in your country.



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