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The economical solution for maintenance free glass facades and wall cladding with a variety of design options!

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LITE-POINT © is composed of an external skin in enamelled glass: EMALIT ©, SERALIT © or PICTUREIt © fixed by through fasteners to horizontal aluminum rails. These rails are then attached to the vertical sections of the primary frame. The system thus makes it possible to dress an exterior facade while leaving a naturally ventilated air space between the glass wall and the insulation or the facade.

The LITE-POINT © system includes SECURIPOINT monolithic or laminated enamel glazing, aluminum rails (horizontal secondary frame), through-fastening blocks and silicone gaskets. The glazing can have a rectangular, square or triangular shape.

These are enamelled glazing, tempered and Heat Soak Test (HST) treated according to the standard. In 14179. They benefit from the SECURIPOINT label, a guarantee of quality and safety.

Range of SECURIPOINT enamelled glazing compatible with the LITE-POINT system: 

The various substrates that can be used for enameling make it possible to modulate the level of external reflection.

Low-reflective: clear PLANICLEAR, extra-clear DIAMOND or PARSOL tinted glass
Slightly to highly reflective: MIRASTAR and the COOL-LITE ST or STB range.
Enamelling then makes it possible to obtain the glazing with the desired colors or decorations.

For opaque and uniformly tinted glazing over their entire surface, the EMALIT EVOLUTION © range has 21 tints as standard. Contact us for custom colors.
For fully or partially enameled glazing with different colors, patterns or images:
- The SERALIT EVOLUTION © range, obtained by screen printing, is well suited to the mass production of monochrome glazing.

- The PICTUREit © range, obtained by digital printing of enamels, is well suited to the production of serial and polychrome glazing or to the printing of images.

For the 3 ranges, EMALIT EVOLUTION ©, SERALIT EVOLUTION © or PICTUREit ©, the enamels used do not contain dangerous metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury or chromium VI.



The LITE-POINT © system can be installed on any type of residential or tertiary building, both new construction and renovation. It is well suited to built-up cladding for buildings with Exterior Thermal Insulation (ETI). This system can therefore be integrated into F4 type facades designed by ISOVER.

It can also be installed as a facade cladding or as an interior wall cladding.


The LITE-POINT © system makes it possible to create fully glazed facades. The exterior appearance of the building can thus be homogeneous or contrasted. A wide choice of colors, patterns or prints from the EMALIT EVOLUTION ©, SERALIT EVOLUTION © and PICTUREit © ranges from Saint-Gobain allows the facade to blend into its environment or stand out.


The technical advice allows the system to be used in many situations.

• In mainland France, including in seismic zones. The LITE-POINT © system has successfully passed the tests allowing it to be installed anywhere in mainland France for the vast majority of constructions. This includes buildings for individual or collective housing, public places such as schools, offices, shopping centers, airports, etc.

• By the sea. The use of metal parts treated against corrosion makes it possible to dress facades near the shores.

• On timber frame constructions. The system is compatible with any type of support wall, flat and vertical, both in element masonry, in concrete, and in wood or metal frame construction.



The LITE-POINT © solution is an easy to implement system. The glazing is delivered ready to install with all the components necessary for their implementation. The glazing of the LITE-POINT © system is held by fixing blocks on aluminum rails fixed to the supporting structure. Implementation is simplified and replacement in the event of breakage easily achievable.


Compared to other technical solutions, LITE-POINT © is an economical means of producing a built-up cladding in glass.

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