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LITEFLOOR XTRAGRIP is the latest slip-resistant glass floor solution with an innovative mix of screen printed abrasives and coloured ceramic enamels. It is ideal for heavy duty indoor and outdoor applications and mixed use public spaces, where its extreme slip-resistance provides a safety enhancing and long lasting solution to slippery surface conditions.

  • Safety


LITE-FLOOR is made of clear PLANICLEAR glass, in its standard version. It is also possible to opt for SGG DIAMANT, an extra-clear glass, to benefit from greater light transmission.

The composition of the floor tiles varies depending on the location, its dimensions, the loads they support and the desired aesthetics. All these parameters are taken into account and meet the requirements of CSTB specification 3448.

It is possible to personalize the tiles with different glass supports: add color, LEDs, privacy management, etc.

Finally, it is essential to apply a slip reduction treatment in humid environments and outdoors. XTRA GRIP, developed by the GLASSOLUTIONS France research center, is applied to the protective glass by means of silkscreen printing. The patterns (standard or tailor-made) keep a certain transparency, while offering optimal security.


Technical Information

LITE-FLOOR is made up of at least three sheets of glass, assembled by several PVB films: two so-called load-bearing glass components and a protective glazing. The risk of breakage is thus limited thanks to the latter component.

This system complies with the CSTB 3448 specifications of March 2013.

The implementation of LITE-FLOOR requires a lot of attention: compliance with tolerances, flatness of the support, etc.

Each project requires a specific study that can be carried out by GLASSOLUTIONS France sales representatives. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



Creation of large open and transparent spaces

Additional natural light

Privacy management (by opting for translucent films)

Personalization possible thanks to a wide choice of colors and patterns

XTRA GRIP slip reduction treatment for optimal safety, outdoors and wet environments.




The LITE-FLOOR system with XTRA GRIP slip reduction treatment was installed on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, as part of its redevelopment. In total, 128 m² of glass floor gives the sensation of walking in the void, at a height of 57 meters.

This project was carried out by the Moatti-Rivières Architects agency, the Eiffel Tower Exploitation Company (SETE), BATEG (a subsidiary of the Vinci group) and GLASSOLUTIONS.

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