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Glass floor solution

LITE-FLOOR is used to make safe and transparent glass floors and stairs.

  • Design
  • Safety


LITE-FLOOR usually consists of:

  • A minimum of two load-bearing components. LITE-FLOOR is a laminated glass made at least two glass layers and one or more polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers;
  • A protective glass which can include a specific coating which improves antislip properties.


LITE-FLOOR delivers excellent mechanical impact resistance. This very safe flooring is perfect for home, service sector and all publicly accessible locations such as hotels, restaurants, offices. 
LITE-FLOOR is intended for people use only. It has no intention of carrying permanent loads.


Design and safety guaranteed

  • A standardised product: Flooring and staircase units meet standard EN ISO 12543 requirements.
  • An anti-slip product: The upper surface of the glass can be covered with and anti-slip coating to reduce the risks of slipping.
  • A design product: The units may be either colored or screenprinted. They add the flooring to a sophisticated level of transparency.
  • A safe product: Because LITE-FLOOR is made from laminated safety glass, if cracks or even breakages occur, the glass units will still adhere to the interlayer film. A laminated safety glass which meets most requirements is created by varying the number and/or thickness of the components.


The flooring unit composition varies according to various parameters:

  • The application location;
  • The dimensions;
  • The loads applied;
  • The aesthetic effect sought.

The load-bearing glass elements sustain the indicated loads, even if one of them is broken by accident.
The factors related to size are based on national recommendations, and in particular the results of a particular study.
The type of glass to use depends on the number and type of supports, the ratio of length to width (L / W) and the type of building in which the flooring is to be fitted, which will determine the required safety levels.

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