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A revolutionary new temporary surface protection

EASYPRO provides effective protection of the COOL-LITE SKN II coating against weakness in handling and mechanical damage right up to the tempering process. EASYPRO burns away during tempering while not leaving any residue within or outside the furnace and with none harmful environmental or personal health and safety impacts.

  • Environment friendly
    Environment friendly


EASYPRO is featured on our COOL-LITE SKN II product range as standard. There is no specific product uses as this is a sacrificial coating that burns off during the tempering process. 


EASYPRO gives glass processors significant amount of benefits,  including:

  • Shorter tempering cycle times
  • Extensive storage period
  • No cover/backing sheets necessary
  • Unsealed packs therefore save time and are secure
  • Extended shelf life of rest plates
  • Improved shelf life after edge working
  • Easier transporting of glass with decreased scratching
  • Reduction of waste & quality issues
  • No traditional film applications need to be removed
  • Subsequently no waste production and disposal


For the full list of benefits and further detail please see the  EASYPRO brochure or contact the local Technical Support Manager.


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