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Extra clear, low-iron glass

DIAMANT is a matchless extra clear glass that is appreciated for its appealing appearance and optical characteristics.

The low iron content generates a higher transmission of light and the green tint characteristic of ordinary glass is significantly reduced.

DIAMANT subsequently offers a solution for numerous applications and markets where an extra degree of clarity and high transparency is required.


  • Daylight confort
    Daylight comfort
  • design


DIAMANT offers:

  • Aesthetic: with a very subtly colored edge of the glass,  DIAMANT features a pale blue appearance instead of greenish as for regular glass.
  • Optimum transparency: due to its perfect clarity, DIAMANT allows the genuine colour of display items to be seen and excellent vision quality when viewing through the glass.
  • Unfiltered natural light: get into building interiors. A room, its decoration, and objects can achieve maximum effect with optimal light and undistorted colours.
  • Fast energy transmission: for systems allowing the usage of solar energy or a large gain of solar power. 
  • Reduction of glazing heating and thermal breakage risks, due to lower energy absorption than PLANICLEAR. The range of COOL-LITE on the Diamant substrate is available on order.



For all residential or commercial applications that require high transparency, simple aesthetics and optical brilliance, DIAMANT is suitable for : 

  • Façades
  • Windows, bay windows
  • Interior design or decorating
  • Furniture
  • Shop windows and display cabinets



Thicknesses available : 4, 6, 10, 12, 15, 19 mm

Standard dimension is 6000 x 3210 mm.

Sizes available up to 18000 mm x 3200 mm


Saint-Gobain Glass Glass reserves the right to change product performance features without notice or obligation. Contact your Saint-Gobain sales representative to check the avaibility in your country.
Average performance values of SGU 6mm according to the standard 9050 & EN 673
Thickness Light Transmission (%) Solar Factor g Shading SC LRe (%)
3 91 0.91 1.04 8
4 91 0.90 1.04 8
5 91 0.9 1.03 8
6 91 0.90 1.03 8
8 91 0.89 1.02 8
10 90 0.88 1.02 8
12 90 0.88 1.01 8
15 90 0.87 1.00 8
19 89 0.86 0.98 8

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