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Textured glass

Pattern glass transmits light, dispersing it ever so subtly, and it blends seamlessly
with every style of interior design, the classic as well as the modern one.

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DECORGLASS-MASTERGLASS decorative appearance is achieved by rolling the cast glass between two etched cylinders. The highly detailed procedure reveals the delicacy of the patterns.

A glass range comprising six spectacular architectural patterns, including the award-winning MASTER-SOFT, designers have the freedom to incorporate MASTERGLASS as part of innovative and stylish designs in a wide range of interior and exterior applications.MASTERGLASS is a murky glass that follows the specifications of the EN 572-5 standard. The glass pane has one engraved side and one smooth side.


Interior structure, light screen, furniture- MASTERGLASS is all of these rolled into one. Its structure turns out to be the perfect playground for light and contrast. Decorative glass is naturally well-adapted for home use, offices, shopping spaces, restaurants, and hotels.

Its applications are infinite:

  • Furniture: offices, tables, counters, shelves
  • Fixed and sliding partitions
  • Shower and bath screens
  • Glass doors and framed doors
  • Windows and façade glazing
  • Interior and exterior guardrails and balcony partitions
  • Staircases and floor slabs
  • Urban furniture


MASTERGLASS glass panels may be transformed in various ways.

They can be: rounded or shaped to highlight their aesthetic properties; tempered or laminated with STADIP* and STADIP PROTECT* for safety purposes; mounted into double glazing units for enhanced thermal insulation for added comfort. The incorporation of the STADIP SILENCE * acoustic laminated panel into a double glazing package would provide acoustic insulation and improved protection for both people and properties.

*Laminated: engraved side to the outside of the assembled unit.


MASTERGLASS must be fitted in accordance with the standards and regulations in force. As with all printed glasses, MASTERGLASS panes must be fitted the right way around. In order to achieve a uniform aesthetic result, panes must be positioned the same way around when cutting multiple panes at the same time. If pattern continuity is required, particular attention must be paid during cutting.


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