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COOL-LITE® SKN 175 II highly selective solar control glass

COOL-LITE® SKN 175 II is a highly selective, solar control glass with leading aesthetics and high light transmission (TL=70% in DGU) combined with a low solar factor (35%), offering outstanding selectivity of 2.00.

  • Winter Confort
    Winter comfort
  • Summer confort
    Summer comfort
  • Daylight confort
    Daylight comfort


COOL-LITE® SKN 175 II joins the Saint-Gobain Glass range of COOL-LITE® solar control coatings. A product developed to enable adaptability, as we work with our customers and partners to make the world a better home.  

  • Adapt to climate change and the need for glazing that delivers enhanced, sustainable performance, a robust solution to the growing demands for reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions 

  • Adapt to all applications, for offices, mixed use, education or health sectors; offering maximum daylight in all buildings, for new build as well as refurbishment projects. 

  • Adapt to a diverse, new way of living and working, in a fast, changing world, Saint-Gobain supports your business with high performance products, tools and services 

  • Adapt to every design, outstanding glazing performance doesn’t mean complex processing. A more innovative solar control glass, that’s as straightforward to process as existing SKN products, with the added benefits of EASYPRO®. 


COOL-LITE® SKN 175 II is available on clear PLANICLEAR® or extra-clear DIAMANT® glass in several thickness (from 3mm to 12mm) and standard size (PLF, DLF) as well as in Overlength (up to 18m) or more tailor-made size (split length) for production or design optimization. 

COOL-LITE® SKN 175 II is a to-be-tempered coating and in order to achieve its performances and aesthetics, it must be: 

  • Edge deleted (compulsory prior to assembling) 

  • Tempered (compatible with Heat Soak Test) 

  • Assembled into an insulated glazing unit 

  • Positioned on the face 2 (inside the IGU) 

COOL-LITE® SKN 175 II can be laminated, taking care to place the coating outside of the laminate (coating on face 4 of the laminated pane) 

COOL-LITE® SKN 175 II is distributed on standard with EASYPRO®  


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