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Neutral appearance & high solar control coating

COOL-LITE® 148 II is a selective solar control coating which extends our range of COOL-LITE® KN coatings by a new to be tempered reference.

  • Summer confort
    Summer comfort
  • Winter Confort
    Winter comfort
  • Daylight confort
    Daylight comfort


COOL-LITE® KN 148 II RHAPSODY is a new type of glass, which combines aesthetic adaptability, optical performance and energy efficiency. The product surprises with an original ivory shade, which "cuts" the building in the urban space, the transmission inside being neutral. Therefore, the new COOL-LITE® KN 148 II Rhapsody is suitable for distinct projects in terms of design and high functionality requirements: office buildings, shopping centers, leisure spaces, hotels, restaurants, etc.


Thanks to this type of glass, occupants will enjoy visual comfort. The low indoor reflection (RLi = 18%) makes the use of COOL-LITE® KN 148 II Rhapsody especially beneficial in very sunny areas because the weighted, harmonious transmission of light is ensured. Also, this new type of glass creates comfortable interiors both in summer and in winter, according to the latest construction standards (solar factor g = 0.32 and heat transfer coefficient Ug = 1.0 W / m²K).


In addition, this type of glass is characterized by excellent flexibility in processing, such as securing and laminating for a higher degree of safety, but also curvature, which makes COOL-LITE® KN 148 II Rhapsody glass meet current trends and use of glass.


COOL -LITE® KN 148 II RHAPSODY is a multifaceted product, suitable for all types of façades in commercial and non-residential buildings (such as office buildings, shops, hotels, restaurants etc.) and high-end residential buildings (homes, apartments, verandas) as well. The result is visually gratifying, with an optimal integration in the architectural and natural
landscape. COOL -LITE® KN 148 II RHAPSODY is a sustainable product that creates comfortable interiors during both summer and winter, in line with the new NZEB requirements. Energy efficiency is gaining importance in Green Building labels such as LEED and BREEAM.



COOL -LITE® KN 148 II RHAPSODY is available in : 

  • Thickness : 6,8,10 mm with EASYPRO®
  • Size : 6,000x3,210 mm



COOL -LITE® KN 148 II Rhapsody must always be assembled in IGU, with the coating on face #2.


The coating must be tempered to achieve its performances and aesthetics. EAS YPRO® helps for a better, easier processability.


The coating can be laminated, the coating not in contact with the PVB film.



Is recommended to be done for all tempered glass, in order to avoid spontaneous breakages due to NiS


COOL -LITE® KN 148 II RHAPSODY glass could be curved with certain limitations. Please contact our Technical Department.


*Note :  COOL-LITE® KN 148 II Rhapsody must be heat treated before lamination


* DGU  6/16/4mm with COOL -LITE® KN 148 II on face #2, 90% Argon
** TGU 6/16/4/16/4mm with COOL -LITE® KN 148 II on face #2 and PLANITHERM® XN II on face #5, 90% Argon
Standard EN 410 / EN 673
Light Transmittance LT (%) Solar factor (g) Shading coefficient (SC) External light reflectance (RLe %) Internal light reflexion (RLi %) Ug W/m2.K (0° related to vertical position)
DGU* 47 0.32 0.37 27 18 1.0
TGU** 43 0.28 0.32 28 20 0.5