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Quick and easy, scrub -free cleaning

For BIOCLEAN, it's no longer an issue to keep even the most exposed window. The biggest or hardest-to-reach windows can be cleaned more easily, speedier and less frequently thanks to BIOCLEAN technology. Even more generous light is emitted, effortlessly, to minimize labor cost and cleaning products easily, since a simple water jet is enough.

  • Environment friendly
    Environment friendly
  • Easy to clean
    Easy to clean


Due to a special transparent coating embedded into its external surface, the glass stays cleaner, longer, playing on daylight’s ultraviolet rays which break down organic pollutants, and on the rain which then flushes them away, naturally. This coating also avoids streaks shaped by water drops, making it easier to clean. The efficiency of  BIOCLEAN remains consistent over time, with your BIOCLEAN windows retain their properties over their whole service life.


The manufacturing process and service life of BIOCLEAN-incorporated glazing are comparable to those of standard glazing. The usual safety measures are taken when processing glass products also apply: contact between the coating and hard or sharp objects, protect the glazing when storing on construction sites, etc. It is recommended to separate the stored glass units using supple separator-tips with no glue. 



BIOCLEAN requires a minimum amount of maintenance to keep the windows in their original appearance sustainably:
• clean the coating by spraying on soft or demineralized water. For adamant stains, use hot sudsy water and a clean scraper or an ordinary window-cleaning product with a soft and clean cloth;
• never use razor blades, Stanley knives, etc.;
• don’t use abrasive or rainproof cleaning products.




DGU 6-16-4 / Standards ISO 9050 m1 / EN 6732
PRODUCT Light Transmittance LT (%) Solar Factor g Shading Coefficient SC Selectivity LT/g External Light Reflectance LRe (%) Internal Light Reflectance LRi (%) U-Value W/(m².K) 16 mm argon
BIOCLEAN II 79 0,76 0,87 1,04 18 18 2,6
BIOCLEAN 77 0,74 0,85 1,04 17 17 2,6
BIOCLEAN XTREME 60/28 56 0,26 0,30 2,15 17 18 1,0
BIOCLEAN SKN 176 66 0,35 0,40 1,89 16 17 1,0
BIOCLEAN SKN 165 57 0,32 0,37 1,78 19 19 1,0
BIOCLEAN SKN 154 49 0,26 0,30 1,88 21 23 1,0
BIOCLEAN SKN 145 39 0,21 0,24 1,86 21 16 1,1



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