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4BIRD® is a full range of solutions to answer the growing demands of bird friendly glass and glazing, combining Saint-Gobain‘s COOL-LITE® solar control coated glass with several processing and technologies, creating thus “visible” contrast for birds, avoid collision and preserve biodiversity.

  • Design
  • Daylight comfort
    Daylight comfort
  • Energy saving
    Energy saving
  • Low Internal Reflection
    Low Internal Reflection
  • Summer comfort
    Summer comfort
  • Winter comfort
    Winter comfort


With the 4BIRD® product family, SAINT-GOBAIN BUILDING GLASS offers a range of glasses with effective bird protection combined with COOL-LITE® solar control coatings - that allow the architect to design without compromises on aesthetic or performances of the building envelope.


4BIRD®products are combined with Saint-Gobain ‘s COOL-LITE® XTREME and SKN solar control coated glass, offering thus all benefits related to this product family regarding aesthetic (low external reflection and colour-neutral external appearance), visual comfort (neutrality and transparence for maximum of natural daylight) and indoor comfort (Highly efficient, optimal at all time, sun protection and excellent insulation).

Today, there are different ways to bring glass more visible to the birds and the final decision are mainly based on the project criteria for aesthetics, cost and bird safety.


The first products series available in the 4BIRD® family are:


4BIRD®Frit is a series of specifically screen-printed pattern on #1 or #2 together with COOL-LITE® solar control coatings on #2 (respectively #4 of laminated glass) by SAINT-GOBAIN depending on the glass composition.


4BIRD®Etch  is a series of specifically acid-etched pattern on #1 by our partner SEVASA S.A. together with selected to-be-tempered COOL-LITE® coatings protected with EASYPRO® on #2 by SAINT-GOBAIN.

More details are given in dedicated datasheet for each 4BIRD® series: 4BIRD®Frit, 4BIRD®Etch.


4BIRD® family is gathering several product series, each series offering a variety of solutions and designs. All products and design, comply with all currently known local regulations and national guidelines.

They meet the recognized 2x2“and 2x4“rules and tighter mandatory or voluntary regulations like LEED Pilot Credit #55: Bird Collision Deterrence.

American Bird Conservancy (ABC) has evaluated several 4BIRD®Frit and 4BIRD®Etch configurations and found that they satisfied ABC’s criterion for bird-friendly glass. A corresponding Material Threat Factor (TF) has been given.

Threat Factor (TF) scores indicate the percent of times in which birds will not avoid collision, as tested by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC).


  • Sustainability & protection of biodiversity
  • Aesthetics & design
  • Daylighting comfort
  • Energy savings
  • Summer & Winter comfort
  • Low reflection


  • MANUFACTURER (Glass processors /Windows & conservatories manufacturer)
  • INSTALLER (Windows & conservatories installer / Glazier /Facade & metal work specialist)