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Glass for Façades

Saint-Gobain Glass Year Book



Today, it is no longer possible to talk about architecture without considering the long-term importance of built living spaces for building users and the environment. It is in this perspective that Saint-Gobain encourages innovation in glass - always true to our motto "Making the world a better home".

With the Reference Book 2020 we would like to take you on a journey to extraordinary architectural projects in different countries and continents. The projects not only show a wide range of glass solutions and innovations for the building envelope. They also show what we understand by sustainable design of living spaces: distinctive buildings that make our environment worth living in.

Glass plays a central role in all of them, as the material is highly multifunctional. Glass and glazing today meet very complex and often contradictory requirements that are of great importance in times of climate change. They have to provide daylight and at the same time ensure thermal insulation and solar control – while offering architects a large range of aesthetic options for designing future-oriented living spaces.

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