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The traditional linear model ‘take make use dispose’ is no longer viable. A circular economy aims at replacing it by considering the following aspects:

  • Reducing resources dependency (in particular on extractive resources)
  • Transforming a waste stream into secondary raw material
  • Increasing product longevity
  • Facilitating products end of life recycling (easy dismantling, limit toxic substances content…)


Circular Economy ambition

Buildings contribute considerably to global waste production and they consume significant natural resources for their construction. For these reasons, Saint-Gobain is committed to play a leading role in creating sustainable buildings and introducing circular economy principles into its product streams and activities. 
Our sustainability approach considers each stage of the product life cycle. We strive to minimize the environmental impacts of our activities with 3 main priorities.

Our actions fields for Circular Economy

More recycled content in our glazing

By striving to increase the amount of recycled content in our glass, we aim to preserve natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint. To do so, we are constantly pushing the limits of our industrial know how to accept more recyclable materials (from industrial scraps and end of life glazing) at our flat glass manufacturing sites (floats).

Better product design

As a manufacturer, we innovate to offer new solutions that will be easier to collect, reuse and recycle in the future. In particular, our eco-innovation roadmap incorporates projects that make eco designed products that are easier to dismantle and to separate, and which material can better be valorized thanks to a better traceability (i.e. RFID Radio frequency identification).

New solutions for end of life glazing

We put our glass material expertise and our innovation capacities at the service of a more virtuous value chain by raising awareness among the building professionals and leading on site experimentations (like pilot deconstruction or renovation projects), to contribute to invent innovative sustainable services for end of life glazing.


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