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First EPD supplier worldwide

SAINT-GOBAIN delivers transparent documentation to prove the actual sustainability level of each product.

We give our clients Environmental Product Statements (EPDs) of our glazing. Based on the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), this report explains in detail the environmental impact of our flat glass, from the extraction of raw materials to manufacturing and distribution (called "cradle-to-grave"). The declaration is made in compliance with international standards (EN 15804 and ISO 14025 standards) and is third-party verified, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the data.

By publishing EPDs, Saint-Gobain helps its customers including architects, engineering firms and general contractors whose projects seek to achieve LEED, BREEAM or DGNB green building labels.

Furthermore, Saint-Gobain enables them to choose the best product by analyzing data – as the technique is scientifically and globally accepted – and also to carry out the Life Cycle Analysis at the construction level with all products (concrete, glass, metal ...).


Your partner for sustainable construction

Saint-Gobain is the world's first glass producer to have conducted LCAs in 2011 and now has the most EPDs available on the market that cover 20 product solutions and more than 200 glazing configurations. 

Our EPD are verified by a third party and can be downloaded on Environdec.                                 


An Innovation driver

Saint-Gobain's strategy is focused on knowledge and reduction of the environmental impact of its glazing solutions over their entire life cycle.                                       



Through implementing LCA and delivering EPD, we considered the environmental impacts affecting climate change, human health, eco-systems (biodiversity), and non-renewable resources ... LCA methodology offers a good picture of the impacts of goods in order to quickly recognize the strengths and disadvantages to guide the roadmap for innovation.   


Our published EPDs per geographical zone


ORAÉ® Low carbon Clear float glass4 mm (other thicknesses in progress)Europe1
PLANICLEAR® Clear float glass2 mm to 19 mmEurope10
PLANILUX Clear and colored flat glass3 mm to 12 mmMexico7
PLANILUX Clear flat glass3 mm to 19 mmEgypt9
DIAMANT® Extra clear low-iron glass3 mm to 19 mmEurope9
PARSOL® Body-tinted glass3 mm to 10 mmEurope7
PARSOL® Body-tinted glass4 mm to 10 mmEgypt5
REFLECTASOL® on PLANILUX & PARSOL4 mm to 8mm                   Egypt                7
Magnetron-coated glass on PLANICLEAR® & DIAMANT®

On PLANICLEAR® from to 3 to 12 mm

On DIAMANT® from 3 to 12 mm

                  Europe                14
SECURIT® Tempered glass

SECURIT® from 2 to 19 mm

SECURIT® DIAMANT® from 3 to 19 mm

SECURIT® PARSOL® from 3 to 12 mm

STADIP® (PROTECT/SILENCE) Laminated glassSTADIP® 22.1 / 22.2 + magnetron coating / 33.1 / 33.1 + magnetron coating / 44.1 / 44.1 SILENCE / 33.2 / 44.2 / 44.2 SILENCE / 44.2 + magnetron coating / 55.2 / 55.2 on DIAMANT / 66.2 / 66.2 on DIAMANT / 88.2 / 10.10.2Europe16
CLIMAPLUS® / CLIMALIT® PLUS Double-glazed unit4-16-4 / 4-16-33.1 / 4-16-44.2 / 6-16-4 / 6t-12-6t / 6t-16-6 / 6t-16-44.2 / 8t-16-6 / 10t-16-6 / 66.2-16-6 / 6t6t.4-16-6 / 6t6t.4-16-66.2 / 8t8t.4-16-6Europe13
CLIMATOP Triple-glazed unit4-14-4-14-4 / 4-16-4-16-4 / 33.2-10-4-10-4 / 4-18-4-18-4 / 4-14-4-14-4t / 6-12-4-12-4 / 6t-14-6-14-6t / 6t-12-4-12-4 / 6t-12-4-12-44.2 / 6t-12-4-12-44.2 / 66.2-12-4-12-4 / 6t6t.4-12-4-12-4Europe12
CLIMALIT® Insulated glazed unit4-16-4 / 4-16-44.1 /4-16-33.1Europe3
MIRALITE® PURE Mirror with water-based paint PLANICLEAR® from 3 to 8 mmEurope5
PLANILUX®6 & 12 mmIndia2
SGG PARSOL® 4 & 6 mmIndia2
Magnetron-coated glass on SGG PLANILUX 6 mm, 8 mm & 12 mmIndia3
Magnetron-coated glass on SGG PARSOL4 mm, 6 mm & 8 mm India3




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